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Sandy Gold M.Ed.

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Educational Consultant

Hi - I am Sandy Gold, a dedicated mother, a passionate ​educator, and certified parent coach on a mission to spread ​the joy of parenting children. With an extensive background in ​teaching children and adolescents of all ages, as well as ​mentoring and guiding fellow educators, I have cultivated a ​wealth of experience and insights that I now share with ​parents seeking to create harmonious and fulfilling family lives.

As a mother of two – a son and a daughter – my own journey through parenthood has been one of rich learning and adaptability. I still vividly recall the days of juggling responsibilities, cherishing the highs and navigating the challenges that come with raising children. I firmly believe that every child is unique and requires a personalized approach to parenting. My own experience of tailoring my parenting style to suit each of my children's distinct needs has formed the cornerstone of my coaching philosophy.

What I bring....

With a background that spans teaching ​across a diverse range of age groups – ​from young children to teenagers, and ​even college students – I have honed my ​communication skills and insight into the ​varying developmental stages of children. ​As an educational consultant, I lead ​engaging and thought provoking ​professional developments and coach ​other educators into making their ​classrooms safe and inclusive learning ​environments.

My guiding principle, "It's not that they ​won't, it's that they can't," underscores my ​belief that children's behavior often stems ​from developmental limitations rather than ​defiance. This empathetic perspective ​forms the basis of my coaching approach, ​helping parents reframe challenges and ​fostering a more effective and ​compassionate parent-child dynamic.

Recognizing the need for comprehensive support for parents, I pursued certification as a parent coach. Armed with this expertise, I now empower numerous parents to approach parenting with confidence, rediscovering the delight in nurturing their children's growth. My coaching style is infused with the belief that parenting should be an enjoyable journey, enriched by laughter and shared experiences.

Why Parent Coaching?

Parenting is hard work, and even the most dedicated parents can sometimes find themselves facing difficult or unfamiliar situations. This is where a parent coach comes in.

The goal of parent coaching is to help parents develop a deeper understanding of their children's needs, behaviors, and developmental stages.

Through thought-provoking questions, self-reflection, active listening, and the provision of tools and strategies, a parent coach assists parents in making positive shifts in their parenting approach.

Working with a parent coach can help you:

  • Focus on subtle shifts leading to transformative moments in parent-child interactions,
  • Turn challenging situations into opportunities for connection and growth.
  • Learn strategies for effective communication and problem solving

What does Parent Coaching look like?

The Full Package

8 individualized sessions

plus a 40 page guide I’ve called The Transformational Parenting Toolkit

Single Sessions

Not sure you’re ready to commit to the full package? Hourly sessions and rate available.

Discovery Call

Man and Woman Communicating in Sign Language Via Zoom Call

Educational Consulting

Professional Development

  • An Introduction to Early Literacy
  • Nurturing Little Minds- Empowering Preschool Teachers to Understand and Meet Developmental Needs
  • Unlocking and Understanding: Strategies for Addressing Challenging Behavior in Preschool Classrooms"
  • Connecting Hearts and Minds: Exploring Social Emotional Learning
  • Enhancing Well Being: Exploring Sensory Tools and Calming Strategies

Coaching and Consulting

  • Mentoring new teachers
  • Supporting inclusion in early childhood settings
  • Observations and developing action plans
  • Parent education
  • Facilitating parent group coaching

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You ask me the hardest questions.... but they’re always the questions I need to be thinking about...”

Mari, a teacher

“One of the most helpful and engaging workshops I’ve ever brought to my staff....”

Nancy, a preschool director

“Thank you for your advice and support- “my child” went from being the most difficult in her group to having no outbursts....”

“A”, a parent


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